Winter Vaping Tips: Selecting the Perfect Nic Shot Thickness for Your Shortfills

Winter Vaping Tips: Selecting the Perfect Nic Shot Thickness for Your Shortfills

Winter Vaping Tips: Selecting the Perfect Nic Shot Thickness for Your Shortfills

As the mercury dips, vapers face unique challenges. The cold weather can turn your trusty vape juice into a thick sludge that strains your coils and diminishes your experience. But fear not, because Vuice Vapes is here with a range of nic shots designed to keep your clouds billowing and your coils lasting longer, no matter the chill.

Understanding Nic Shots and Shortfills

For those new to vaping, 'nic shots' are nicotine solutions added to nicotine-free e-liquids, known as 'shortfills', to achieve your desired nicotine strength. The ratio of Propylene Glycol (PG) to Vegetable Glycerin (VG) in these shots can significantly affect the viscosity of your e-liquid.

The Impact of Cold Weather on Vaping

Cold weather increases the viscosity of e-liquids, making them thicker. This can slow down the wicking process and potentially cause dry hits and burnt coils. This is where the PG/VG ratio becomes crucial. PG is thinner than VG, so a nic shot with a higher PG content can help maintain the fluidity of your e-liquid in colder temperatures.

Choosing the Right Nic Shot Thickness

At Vuice Vapes, we offer nic shots with varying PG/VG ratios to

ensure your e-liquid remains at an ideal consistency. For colder weather, you might want to lean towards a higher PG content. This not only thins out your juice but also facilitates better wicking, keeping those coils in prime condition.

Tips for Vaping in Cold Weather

To prevent coil burnout when you've braved the cold, remember to take a few primer puffs. Gently drawing on your device without firing will draw e-liquid into the coil, prepping it for a burn-free experience. Also, keeping your device in a pocket close to your body can help keep the e-liquid at a consistent viscosity.

Maintaining Your Device and Coils

Regular maintenance is your vape’s best friend, especially in winter. Check and change your coils regularly to avoid the dreaded burnt taste. Vuice Vapes’ range of nic shots can help extend the life of your coils, as they're formulated to keep your e-liquid at just the right thickness for optimal vaporization.

Vuice Vapes: Your Go-To Source for Winter Vaping Needs

From high-PG nic shots for those frosty mornings to balanced blends for everyday use, Vuice Vapes has something for every vaper and every season. Our premium quality nic shots ensure your vaping experience is smooth, flavourful, and hassle-free, no matter the weather.


Choosing the right nic shot thickness for your shortfills is crucial in cold weather. Not only does it prevent coil burnout, but it also ensures a pleasant vaping experience. Head over to to explore our extensive range of nic shots and other vaping essentials. Let us help you keep the winter blues at bay with perfect plumes of vapor.

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